Siya, Jacques, Jolande and Mico are an incredibly fun and informative team. They are all qualified and experienced nature guides and have got extensive knowledge working with big and small student groups. They plan and develop programs for primary, high school and university students.

This team loves sharing their knowledge through various practical and theoretical learning engagements, these engagements generally include activities like educational game drives, game walks focusing on mainly flora, insects and birdlife, conservation-based presentations and more activities that are all aimed at bringing environmental awareness to young minds and aid in shaping future conservationists and field guides.

Living in a planet that is losing its key flora and fauna species faster than they could ever reproduce, there has not been a more important time to mobilize a troop of young conservationists and equip them with the knowledge that will help them understand what our planet is going through and most importantly, drive environmental change to the planets’ current situation.